Shaping the future of work

Creating an enabling environment for ‘sustainable enterprises’ to thrive is likely to
be a key component that will influence the success or failure of economies.

Similarly, it would be important to avoid any form of polarization by ensuring that
the views of stakeholders, importantly the workforce, is taken into consideration in bringing about change influenced by digitalization and AI. Whilst we cannot afford to leave anyone behind, and sooner we take integrate the changes that are taking place, such as the propagation of the ‘gig economy’ as well as the aspirations of
people to be more independent, it would assist us in determining policy and implementing change.

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Promoting Sri Lanka as a skills hub

The failure to implement proper systems to attract youth in relation to disciplines and vocations that are considered essential for the country’s benefit, lead to disastrous consequences. The causes of the civil disturbances that took place in the early 70s and the latter part of the 80s as well as the reasons for almost 800,000 young people below the age of 30 presently driving three wheelers, are relevant examples.

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The unmistakable taste of home

Be it Cashewnut, Cracker Jack, Dark Chocolates, hand-made chocolates Bunnies or Kangaroos, it is not just the concoction of home-grown cocoa and milk that arouses the taste buds but a legacy that comes sealed with every bite… Kandos – a name and a taste every Sri Lankan child has grown up with, for nearly 60 …

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