About Us

Forts were erected, men were stationed on their bastions and canon were installed by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British, because this tiny island of ours was too good to lose. Be it cinnamon peeling, wood carving, irrigation marvels, frescoes of Sigiriya or verse on ola leaves, this fabled island of ours had it all. The museums, the tea houses, and spice stores of the West were thriving thanks to them.

Seventy years are behind us, since the so called colonial bonds were shed. Yet ‘mind- forged manacles’ continue to loom. Often we see greener pastures across the seven seas, taking for granted the treasure trove of an isle we call ‘home’. Lankan Isle’s endeavour is to remind the people of this land and those across the seas, of what makes this isle a wonder. It is also a celebration of the skilled Sri Lankan who is second to none in the world.

We need to unearth the true Sri Lankan in all of us- rooted to our soil, yet moving with the world. We take pride in who we were once and who we are now. Lankan Isle is nostalgic yet poised to be futuristic. It is a time-machine transporting one to the once ‘granary of Asia’, diplomacy of unmatched finesse, golden era of literature and arts and new waves of the millennium. It is also a voice to the contemporary trend setting Sri Lankans: those who walk the talk.

Lankan Isle is dynamic and vibrant. Within the diversity of its content, it is at all times mindful of playing at a ‘higher level’. Sri Lankan flavour is its hallmark and the niche professional contribution and readership is its pride.

Lankan Isle will be true to its promise and cater to readers who are in thirst of content that is off the beaten track and reconnect with the level of curiosity that many of us had left behind after our school and university years.

Be it less-traversed corners of our island, heritage revisited, unsung heroes, policy and legal reform, literature rewritten, architecture making new waves, lenses speaking more than the written word and innovation of all kinds, Lankan Isle is ready to take our own intelligentsia to a new trajectory…

The scribes that we are

We are humbled by our wealth of editorial experience, skill and the passion for all thingsSri Lankan. With journalistic exposure at the highest echelons of mainstream print media, quality, commitment and integrity come naturally to us. We move our pens in the national interest and tread the red carpet and the gravel path with equal ease. We explore beyond our seas, yet remain rooted to the Lankan soil.

 We are jacks of many trades: socio-cultural issues, politics, current affairs, trade and commerce, health and wellness, art, culture and literature are very much under our belt. While statesmen, diplomats, law makers, medical men and blue-chip corporate leaders have sharpened our journalistic instincts, the cobbler, the lantern-maker, the tea plucker, the cinnamon peeler and the wood carver have made us Bohemian scribes. The cinema maker, the vocalist, the painter, the dramatist, the novelist and the poet had rekindled the creative gene in us.

 Many journalistic accolades have come our way, yet the greatest are the ‘people’ and ‘places’ of this land that have enriched our lives.

Together with ace professionals behind the camera and pages, we bring out the nuances of the Sri Lankans that we are…